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With our state of the art technology, you can ensure exceptional patient outcomes and deliver more comprehensive care safely, conveniently, and effectively.

Implant Surgery Planning

Guide Design And Manufacture

High variety of additional options

Full Service, from planning to definitive restorations

Implant Planning

Maya Guide’s advanced planning service puts a virtual surgeon right in your office. We will fully support you and your team as you start, manage and complete your surgical treatments.

Maya Guide Design Service

With our fully integrated systems, you’ll trade legacy surgical guides for the top-rated app in teledentistry, and an unprecedented view into your patients’ progress—all while freeing up valuable chair time.

Multiple Guide Types

Maya Guide developed specific workflows and technologies for manufacturing surgical guiding systems. From well-known “plastic” surgical aids to high precision bone/mucosal sustained multi level (stackable) surgical systems for one-session surgical restorations.

High quality Production

Maya Guide’s are made from the start focused on quality. We will delivery to you and your team a seamless experience, helping you to manage each case to it’s best.

High Variety of Additional Services

Tired to place orders on multiple places for each case?

Maya Guide’s “Complete Smile” system will save your time. With only a couple of clicks you will be able to order any other case related components, from implants to definitive restorative prosthetics and much more.


Full set of features integrated with your activity

Absolutely no risk

It doesn’t cost a dime to add Maya Guide to your suite of offerings—no start-up fees, no hidden costs, no inventory to buy, store, or distribute.

Start up and running right away

The sign-up process is so simple you can start your first case before you know it. And if you need help, our implementation specialists are standing by to ensure a quick and seamless onboarding.

Continuous Support

Whether it’s the latest marketing tools or ongoing education, the Maya Guide team will be always next to you.

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