Why Maya Guide is better

Maya Guide provides all necessary information and solutions so that all doctors and technicians can design and manufacture easily and quickly. Also, all users can design surgical guides for free. Doctors are connected with technicians who can request planning  and manufacture of surgical guides, and technicians are connected with clinicians who can receive orders for guides.

How Maya Guide works

The manufacturing of surgical guides proceeds in four steps: scan, order, design, and manufacture, and Maya Guide is doing all these in a seamless way. All doctors or technicians can clearly divide and execute tasks without time and space constraints, saving time, money and providing best satisfaction for their patients .

What Maya Guides do?

Teeth Supported Guides

Mucosal/ Bone Supported Guides

Stackable Surgical Systems

How to use Maya Guide

Maya Guide consists of the webplatform, planning and design software and viewer. You can easily learn how to use Maya Guide from signin to order, design and manufacture.

Web Form
Planning App
Review App

Available Maya Guide Builds

  • Teeth supported Guides
  • Mucosal Vacuum supported Guides
  • Mucosal/ Bone supported Guides
  • Stackable Mucosal/Bone supported surgical systems

For each the build can be made from:

  • UV polimerizable resins
  • Milled PMMA or Composite materials
  • 3D Printed CrCo
  • High precision milled CrCo

Maya Guide Sleeve Options

All build types of Maya Guides could be fitted with these guiding options:

  • Type 1 – Visual Aid window
  • Type 2 – Pilot drill sleeve, available for ordering with the case
  • Type 3 – Pilot and Ostheothomy sleeves, also available for delivery
  • Type 4 – Full guiding sleeves in both index (timming) and non-index option, available for delivery, too.

All sleeves provided by us may be ordered as genuine implant manufacturer made or compatible

Maya Guide - More than surgical guides

Any Full Guided Surgery System delivered by Maya Guide could be completed with:

  • Necessary Implants
  • Standard Implant/Bone Level implant prosthetic components
  • Customized Implant/Bone Level components made by Maya Guide using Genuine or Compatible Blocks (as you request)
  • Any other joining or healing components (screws, caps, scan posts etc.)
  • Restorative Prosthetics – both Provisory or Definitive* (PMMA, Composite, metalo-ceramics, Zirconia etc.)
  • Other surgical accessories as: drills, taps, surgical sets and kits** etc.

*A full list of our Restorative prosthetics services is available here.

**Some special instruments , sets and kits are also available for  lenting.

Maya Guide Planning Services

Maya Guide Platform may be used by you to make your own surgery plannings and guide designs for free. All functions from signup to design are free to use, and a fee is charged only when exporting STL files for in-house manufacturing of surgical guides. Fees are charged per case without distinction between upper and lower jaws.